Assistive Technology for Learning and Instruction 


Fee includes the following: 

  • Pertinent Record Review, including IEP In class

  • Observation(s), when indicated

  • Teacher Interview(s) or AT Referral Form

  • Parent Interview or Parent Form

  • Student Assessment

  • Assessment Report

  • Attendance at IEP team meeting to discuss findings/recommendations (up to one hour)

  • One  follow-up consultation with the student’s IEP team, if requested

Assistive Technology for Learning and Instruction Professional Development

Topics include:

  • Introduction to Assistive Technologies: Removing the Barriers to Success and Independence

  • Free, Readily Available Tools to Support All Learners

  • Assistive Technologies for Reading and Comprehension

  • Assistive Technologies for Writing and Composition

  • Scattered and Disorganized: Assistive Technologies for Executive Functions

  • Technologies for Research, Note-taking and Study Skills

  • Assistive Technologies for Students with Complex Special Needs

  • Engaging, Alternative Tools to Demonstrate Learning and Understanding

  • Use What You Know: Everyday Technologies to Reach Every Learner

  • Universal Design for Learning Strategies for Success

  • Chrome Apps and Extensions

  • iPad Apps as Assistive Technology

  • and more....